AGRICULTURE in Amargosa Valley

Agriculture is big business in Amargosa Valley.  Farms and ranches here range from a few acres on up to a couple thousand acres, and may be a "Mom and Pop" operation, or may be run by a large corporation. Amargosa Valley is home to the largest dairy in Nevada, which currently houses about 6,000 cows.  We also have an ostrich farm!

T&T Ranch (Morris DeLee and sons) grows alfalfa and pistachios, which are both very popular crops in this area.  Many homes in Amargosa Valley have fruit orchards and vegetable gardens.  Mediterranean and Middle Eastern plants such as pomegranate bushes and fig trees are popular.  The pictures on these agriculture pages are mostly of the T&T Ranch, because those are the pictures we had handy.  If you would like pictures of your farm or ranch on this web site, please let us know.

The climate in Amargosa Valley is hot and dry.  The soil is sandy and slightly alkaline.  Growing a crop here requires frequent irrigation.  Several types of irrigation are used in the valley:

Center pivot irrigation devices, known as "pivots," make those green crop circles you see from the airplane.  The crop grown under a pivot is usually animal feed -- most likely alfalfa (hay), or maybe sorghum or sudan grass (or a crossbreed of the two called sordan).

This aerial photo of Amargosa Valley was taken during the off-season.  During the growing season there is a very dramatic difference between the green fields and the brown desert.  The pale straight lines in the picture are roads, and the pale wavy lines are "washes" where the water flows across the desert after a heavy rainstorm.  The dark straight lines are "tree lines" where someone has planted a wall of trees as a windbreak.

The Amargosa Valley is generally flat, and gently slopes from 2600 feet above sea level in the northwest corner to 2200 feet above sea level in the southeast corner.

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The two photos above show rancher Michael DeLee repairing a pivot on the T & T Ranch.

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