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"Ethnic" dolls -- Asia and the Pacific Islands

Dolls (and fashions) representing people from China.

Mattel -- Great Eras -- Chinese Empress -- 1997


Mattel -- Dolls of the World -- China -- 1994


Mattel / Disney -- Hearts of Honor Mulan and Li Shang -- 1999
Next to them is a Barbie collector's version of darker-skinned Chinese:  Pretty in Plaid Barbie (black version) redressed as Mulan, and Sparkle Beach Ken (black version) redressed as Mulan's husband.


Hamilton Design Systems -- Candi Girls -- China Dolls


? unknown artist ? -- Chinese doll


Mattel -- Golden Qui-Pao (representing the return of Hong Kong to China)


Mattel -- Dolls of the World -- Orient -- 1981

I have included the Orient doll here because the package says she is from Hong Kong, which is part of China.

Asia and the Pacific Islands
    Mulan (China)
    other Asian countries
    Hawaii and Polynesia
    The Philippines

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