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Warrior Women


Mattel -- The Career Collection -- Police Officer Barbie (black version) -- 1993

This doll was also available in a Caucasian version.

Angie Dickinson played the star on the Police Woman TV show in the 1970s.

"Beautiful undercover cop of the famous TV drama, she fights crime with rare courage."

Horsman -- Police Woman -- 1978

This doll is only 9 inches tall.

Click here to learn about the woman behind the doll.

Dragon -- NYPD Sniper (not yet released)

According to the National Center for Women and Policing, only 14% of the police officers in the United States are females.  That is better than the figure of 6-8% for 25 years ago, but it still does not reflect the fact that 50% of our population are women.  Click here to read their report on the Status of Women in Policing.

Click here to visit the official web site of the International Association of Women Police.

Links to pages about real women police officers:
    Juliette Tolbert, a deputy chief in Savannah, Georgia
    Jacqueline Turner, a police sergeant working in the schools in Richmond County, Georgia
    Nicolle DePriest, who was honored as the Police Officer of the Year in 1995 by the San Diego Police Officers Assocation (California)
    Darlene Mitchell-Penn, a former fashion model who was the first female Police Officer of the Year honored by the Merced Police (California), in 1998
    Peggy Cook, a police officer with the Wexford County Sheriff Department, Michigan
    Domenica Iacovone, the first female lieutenant with the Mingo Junction Police Department in Ohio
    Linda Swears, a sergeant with the Fitzburg Police Department (Massachusetts), and creator of the Women in Law Enforcement Web Page.
    Gwendolyn Hanan, a K-9 officer in Montgomery County, Maryland (lots of pictures of her dog "Stryker"!)
    Jennifer Thomas, a detective with the Shawnee Police Department (Oklahoma)

Warrior Women
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    Civil War -- Yanks (USA) vs. Rebs (CSA)
    United States Army
    United States Air Force
    United States Navy
    United States Marine Corps
    Detectives and Spies
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