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Women of Valor --
Warrior Women

"Xena the Warrior Princess" television series

Toy Biz -- Xena the Warrior Princess (first series) -- Callisto -- 1998


Click here to learn about the woman behind the doll.

Toy Biz -- Xena the Warrior Princess (second series) -- Ares -- 1999

As seen in the episode "The Deliverer"

Warrior Women
    Fantasy warriors -- She-Ra Princess of Power and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
    Game warriors -- Jade (from Mortal Kombat) and Lara Croft (from Tomb Raider)
    Xena the Warrior Princess -- Xena
    Xena the Warrior Princess -- Gabrielle
    Xena the Warrior Princess -- Callisto and Ares
    Kayley (from the animated movie Quest for Camelot)
    Star Wars
    Star Trek

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