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"Ethnic" Dolls -- AFRICA
(not including northern Africa)

Dolls (and fashions) representing people of African descent (African-Americans, Jamaicans, etc.)

The dolls on this page are all made by Mattel and all use the Barbie name.  They are generally available in a Caucasian version wearing the same fashion (although not always with the same head mold).

Magic Curl Barbie (black version) -- 1981


Working Woman Barbie -- 1999


COLLECTOR EDITION BARBIES (the expensive kind)

Sapphire Sophisticate Barbie


Kitty Black Perkins designed the Fashion Savvy Collection, a special series showcasing the style of the modern African-American woman.  These dolls are not available in a Caucasian version.  This collection includes Tangerine Twist Barbie (1997) and Uptown Chic Barbie (1998).

You can't tell from this picture, but Uptown Chic Barbie has flocked hair like Kenyan Barbie.

Byron Lars designed the Runway Sensation series.  This collection includes Cinnabar Sensation Barbie (1998), and Plum Royal Barbie (1999).


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Africa (not including northern Africa)
    African-Americans and Jamaicans
    Mattel's "Black Barbie"
    Mattel's Shani line of dolls:  Shani, Asha, Nichelle, and Jamal
    Mattel's Asha line of dolls
    Christie and Nikki
    Imani, Brandy, and AA musicians
    Nichelle (Nichelle Nichols from Star Trek, Shani's friend Nichelle, and Generation Girl Nichelle)
    Men -- Celebrities (Michael Jackson, M.C. Hammer)

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