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"Ethnic" Dolls -- Middle East

Mattel -- Great Eras series -- Egyptian Queen -- 1994

Why did Mattel make such a pale Egptian Queen?

A Barbie collector took a Tangerine Twist Barbie and dressed her in the Egyptian Queen outfit.  This looks much better!  She is shown here with Moses from the movie Prince of Egypt.


Georgee Girl -- Egyptian Queen -- custom-made from a Kira doll


Mattel -- Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra -- 2000


Mattel -- Storybook Fashions -- 2000


Something Different Creations -- Temple Dancer -- custom-made


(not made by Mattel) -- Prince of Egypt movie -- Queen of Egypt -- 1999


Take a look at THE EBONY WORLD OF BARBIE, created by CWash

Middle East
    Misc. Arabian countries, including Jeannie (from the TV show "I Dream of Jeannie")
    Misc. Arabian countries, including belly-dancers
    Jasmine (from the Disney movie "Aladdin")

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