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Mattel dolls using the "Nichelle head mold," which was developed in 1991

Florida Christie, Dolls of the World Kenyan Barbie (1994)

Kenyan Barbie was the first Barbie doll to have flocked hair.

Ballet Recital Barbie and Kelly Gift Set (black version) -- 1997


Harpist Angel Barbie (black version) -- 1998 ------ and Heartstring Angel Barbie (black version) -- 1999

More angels can be seen on my Angels page.

A few other black dolls that use the Nichelle head mold (but are not pictured here):
Ruby Radiance Barbie
In the Limelight Barbie
Starlight Dance Barbie
Romantic Interlude Barbie
101 Dalmations Barbie (Toys R Us special) -- 1999

    Asha head mold
    Christie head mold
    Goddess of Africa head mold
    Mackie head mold
    Midge head mold and Diva head mold
    Nichelle head mold
    Oriental head mold and Asian head mold
    Shani head mold
    Spain head mold
    Steffie head mold
    SuperStar head mold
    Teen Talk head mold
    Teresa head mold

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