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Mattel dolls using the "Asha head mold" which was developed in 1991.

Bead Blast Barbie (1998) and Purple Panic Christie (1998)


Byron Lars Cinnabar Sensation Barbie -- 1998


Shopping Chic Barbie


Generation Girl Nichelle -- 1999

See more picture of Generation Girl Nichelle on the Nichelle page.

More African and African-American dolls can be found on my other Barbie doll web pages:
    Women of Valor

Also take a look at THE EBONY WORLD OF BARBIE, created by CWash

    Asha head mold
    Christie head mold
    Goddess of Africa head mold
    Mackie head mold
    Midge head mold and Diva head mold
    Nichelle head mold
    Oriental head mold and Asian head mold
    Shani head mold
    Spain head mold
    Steffie head mold
    SuperStar head mold
    Teen Talk head mold
    Teresa head mold

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