Michelle's Barbie Doll Pages
Section One    "ETHNIC" DOLLS

(arranged by the continent that the ethnic group originated from)

Middle East
    Misc. Arabian countries, including Jeannie (from the TV show "I Dream of Jeannie")
    Misc. Arabian countries, including belly-dancers
    Jasmine (from the movie "Aladdin")

Africa (not including northern Africa)
    The continent of Africa
    African-Americans and Jamaicans
    Black Barbie
    Christie doll
    Nikki doll
    Imani doll
    Shani line of dolls
    Asha line of dolls
    Nichelle dolls
    AA musicians and dancers
    Celebrities Brandy, Scary Spice
    Celebrities Diahann Carroll, Dorothy Dandridge, Diana Ross, etc.
    Celebrities -- Men
    Men (misc.)

Asia and the Pacific Islands
    Mulan (China)
    Japan -- made by Mattel
    Japan -- not made by Mattel
    other Asian countries
    Hawaii and Polynesia
    The Philippine Islands -- in native dress -- various ethnic groups
    The Philippine Islands -- in native dress -- Kebaya
    The Philippine Islands -- in colonial dress -- Centennial collection
    The Philippine Islands -- in colonial dress -- Santa Cruzan collection

Europe and European Colonies
    Northern Europe -- Germanic countries
    Northern Europe -- Scandinavian countries
    United Kingdom and British colonies
    France and Italy
    Spain and Spanish colonies
    other European countries
    Europe during the Medieval period
    Europe during the Renaissance period
    Europe during the Enlightenment period
    My favorite redheads -- Midge
    My favorite redheads -- made by Mattel
    My favorite redheads -- not made by Mattel

The Americas
    The Americas in general
    Arctic and Northwest North America
    Southwest and Eastern North America -- Mattel's Dolls of the World collection
    Southwest and Eastern North America -- Pocahontas
    Southwest and Eastern North America -- Misc.
    Southwest and Eastern North America -- Misc.
    Southwest and Eastern North America -- Cowgirls
    Mexico -- dolls from Mexico in hand-made clothing
    Mexico -- dolls made by Mattel
    Mexico -- clothing made by Mattel prior to 1970
    Central America
    The Caribbean Islands
    South America
    Hispanics -- Teresa dolls
    Hispanics -- Misc. Hispanic dolls
    Hispanics -- Selena

    Asha head mold
    Christie head mold
    Goddess of Africa head mold
    Mackie head mold
    Midge head mold and Diva head mold
    Nichelle head mold
    Oriental head mold and Asian head mold
    Shani head mold
    Spain head mold
    Steffie head mold
    SuperStar head mold
    Teen Talk head mold
    Teresa head mold

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