Michelle's Barbie Doll Pages

"Ethnic" dolls -- Asia and the Pacific Islands

Dolls (and fashions) representing people from Japan.
Not made by Mattel

Takara -- Jenny's friend Ellie in a traditional kimono


Takara -- Jenny's shoes and fan, and a traditional kimono (1992)

Jean MaDan -- Geisha Teahouse -- custom-made

Click here to visit the official web site for dolls made by Jean MaDan.

Uneeda -- Miss Orient


Toy Biz -- Xena the Warrior Princess -- Warlord Xena -- 2000


Xena's kimono on an Asian Candi doll


Asia and the Pacific Islands
    Mulan (China)
    Japan -- made by Mattel
    Japan -- not made by Mattel
    other Asian countries
    Hawaii and Polynesia
    The Philippine Islands -- in native dress
    The Philippine Islands -- in colonial dress

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