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"Ethnic" dolls -- Asia and the Pacific Islands

Dolls (and fashions) representing people from the Philippine Islands in clothing derived from their days as a colony of Spain
-- Centennial Collection, made by Mattel Philippines in 1998

The Philippine Centennial Barbie Collection consists of 8 designs from the Formal Collection and 2 from the Casual Collection.

    Sack Linen Gown
    Green Floral Gown
    Cream Gown
    Violet Gown
    Maroon Gown
    Mustard Gown
    Cream with Maroon Gown
    Pink Gown


    Green Cotton Gown
    Cream & Blue Gown


The box says:
"The Philippine Centennial marks the 100th year of the Philippines as a nation.  It is a celebration of the emancipation of the Filipino from the tyranny of colonialism and his transformation into a citizen of an independent and proud nation.

The Philippine Independence was declared on June 12, 1898 with the ratification of a Philippine Constitution in January of the following year.  These events gave  the Philippines the distinction of having the first constitutional democracy in Asia.

The Centennial of Philippine Independence represents the history, struggle and solidarity of the Filipino People.   It tells the story of the birth and growth of the Filipino race and serves as a reminder of the Filipino's moral duty to spread the inherent nobility, courage and wealth of his heritage."

The clothes of Filipina women are usually referred to as "Maria Clara".    Maria Clara is actually a name of one of the characters in a novel written by a Filipino National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal.  His novels dealt with the hardships that the Filipinos faced during the Spanish Colonial Era.

For many people Maria Clara is the classic embodiment of what a Filipina woman should be.  Maria Clara is a very beautiful Filipina who embodies the traditional Filipino values, such as respect for elders and being courteous to visitors, etc.


Asia and the Pacific Islands
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